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Highlander's Celtic Art
The Celtic art used in Highlander - The Series has been created by various artists throughout the world. But it is strongly based on the beautiful and unique Celtic knotworks, interlace and zoomorphics. The Celtic people emerged in Central Europe around the 6th century before the common era. (B.C.) Many researchers show that the Celts spread their influence from modern day Austria north to the Danube, west through France and into the British Isles and west possibly as far as Turkey. For more information on the Celts - check out The CelticLady's History Page.
Duncan's Triquetra Hair Tie - Made of pewter, this three-pronged knot may symbolize the Celtic philosophy that everything has 3 distinct yet interlocked levels - physical, mental and spiritual. When the Celts embraced Christainity they used this symbol to represent the Trinity.
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The MacCleod Bull - the bull represnted divine power and strength. For the Druids it was a symbol for the sun and the procreativity associated with its forces.
Ceirdwyn's Torc - create by twisting three rods of metal, the torc was worn by men and women to show their power. Ceirdwyn (Episode 17, Third Year) was typical of the warrior women of the Celts who were expected to fight along side the men.
Brooch & Kilt - A kilt is laid out on a flat surface and carefully part of it is pleated. The Highland then lies down on the pleated section and folds it around his waist, securing it with a large leather belt. The remaining cloth then brought across the chest to the opposite shoulder and secured there using a brooch
Amanda's Crystal- the crystal holds power and also may represent spiritual perfection (tho probably not in Amanda's case). It also may refer to the transformation from one plane or state (mental, physical or spiritual) to another. When combined with a sword, it represents passive will with the sword being active will.
Lightning - often associated with both destruction and healing. Also with the sudden realization of truth which cuts across both time and space.
Thunder - it is the voice of approval and signals the destruction of a spiritual enemy

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The Stone of Scone
This throne was designed especially to hold the famous Stone of Scone, captured from Scotland a few years before 1300. It has been used ever since for the coronation of England's kings and queens. The Stone of Destiny Within the last year this grand stone was rightfully returned to Scotland with great cememory.

A bit of Clan McLeod legend:
A cheiftan of the Clan was on his way home one day when he came upon a mad bull. Armed with only a knife, he defeated the bull and, to this day, each new cheiftan must drink from the horn that is still kept in Dunvegan Castle (McLeod home).

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There can be only ONE!

Duncan MacLeod has lived for 400 years as an Immortal, travelling through history both as a spector and participant. To stay alive he must keep his head - literally, for an Immortal can only be killed when his head is separated from his body. Duncan defends himself with the Katana sword - a finely crafted sword with an ivory handle craved with dragons' heads.
In the end there can be only ONE.

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The homeland of the Clan MacLeod -near the Island of Skye off Scotland
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