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Celtic Art and Symbols from THE CELTIC LADY . . . Celtic Art and Celtic symbols inspired by the ancient Celts - traditional and original designs from The Celtic Lady
The Celtic Lady (TM)  <B>The Celtic Lady's™</B>
Intricate Celtic knotwork art based on the Illuminated Irish and Scottish manuscripts, Scottish symbol stones, jewelry from Ireland,
horse harnesses from Brittany (France), metalwork, tribal jewelry, burial mounds - even Roman statues honoring Celtic gods and goddesses.
Exploring Celtic symbols, meanings and motifs of the Past to develop designs ready for use as
Celtic Tattoo designs, computer Art, fonts and Celtic Wedding Invitations

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Start with Quality Art to get a memorable Celtic Tattoo
Each Celtic tattoo design has been drawn with the idea that it will be used for tattoo art so there is great attention to line details.
Celtic art can confuse some with its linework which over and under laps to create very intricate and mesmerizing artwork. So The Celtic Lady™ created design to aid the tattoo artist.

The Celtic Lady's Symbol List

Any symbol (Celtic, Tribal, North American Indian, etc.) may have
a variety of meanings depending on the time period, the tribe, outside forces, etc.
And modern man may interpret the symbol with a modern mind,
missing totally the cultural thinking of the tribe in its time period.

Celtic Symbols -- Tribal Designs -- Claddaghs -- Religious -- Celtic Crosses -- Pagan -- Celtic Animals -- Patriot

Don't settle for ragged images printed off the 'Net . Investigate tattoo designs for sale on other sights; look for tight linework and a pleasing design
~~~ The Celtic Lady's Tattoo artwork has been designed to produce the best possible tattoo.
Celtic Tattoo Flash Art - Tribal - Angels - Crosses - Claddagh - Fairies

"the work of angels"

The intricacies of Celtic artwork has been referred to as "the work of angels".
The delicate knotwork, mystifying spirals and intricate key patterns
demonstrates a wonderful understanding of geometric motifs
blended with animals and natural forms or with human forms.

Celtic Tattoo Art Art for Celtic tattoo designs plus Tribal, Fantasy, Irish

The first written record of the Celts talks of their occupation of the Danube region.

From there they spend west establishing tribes throughout parts of France, Spain and the British Isles.
The Roman armies overran most this territory however they were not successfull in conquering Ireland and parts of Scotland.
Ancient writings mention the Celts as a fierce warrior race, often fighting with their bodies decorated with blue woad paint, inked tribal tattoos, and their hair flowing wildly, even spiked with grease. The Romans were most impressed by the Celtic tribesmen's horsemanship, the control of their fighting carts and their treatment of their horses.

Ireland preserved Celtic Art for the world by incorporating Celtic designs into their illuminated manuscripts.
Charlemagne (742-814) asked the Anglo-Saxon scholar, Alcuin (c.735-804) of York
to teach this art method to other monks and scribes throughout the Holy Roman Empire.

In the last decade of the 20th century this beautiful Celtic art is no longer found just in the monasteries.
From the re-enactors of the Dark / Middle Ages to the Rennaisance to the American Revolution to present day t-shirts of surfers and skateboarders and tattoos as well as being embroidered onto the intricate Irish solo dance costumes and found on many CD cover jackets as well as television shows. This art is still quite alive and evolving into art styles in many mediums.

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